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Fibreglass door design

Thermod’s fibreglass doors, also known as FRP and GRP doors, have been developed to meet the high demands of our users. Every detail has to work together to make the door not only attractive and functional, but also durable and easy to keep clean

1. Door leaf

Our door leaves are made of fibreglass-reinforced, through-coloured polyester with an extremely impact-resistant door leaf edge of aluminium. The leaf surface is completely flat without dirt-collecting joints. The leaf is filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam, which makes the door both lightweight and rigid.

If desired, the outer casing can be replaced with stainless steel sheet or Formica laminate. The design and materials of the door leaf make it completely impervious to moisture and can be washed indefinitely without damage.

2. Frame and trim

A frame of extruded natural anodized aluminium provides a structure that is resistant to twisting and impact. The frames are also available with jambs and lintels that cover the entire opening in an appealing way and simplify installation.

The doors can also be ordered in stainless or stainless and acid-proof versions. We also offer powder-coated frames that blend into any environment and also offer extra corrosion protection.

3. Thresholds

The threshold is crucial to the functionality of the door. Thermod offers a range of different solutions to meet your functionality needs. Our product line includes raised thresholds, rubber thresholds with sealing strips or automatically folding sealing thresholds. Our freezer room door (FD) comes standard with a self regulated and integrated heating wire.

4. Glass openings

A glass opening allows viewing into neighbouring rooms and lets in extra light. Glass openings give an extra boost to the door’s stylish design. Thermod’s doors can be equipped with Swedish Standard glass openings or customized openings.

The type of glass used depends on the environment in which the door will be placed. Glass types include laminated, tempered, insulated, fire glass or X-ray glass.

We also supply special glass with an electrical dimming feature. The glass is completely clear when switched off, but becomes frosted when the power is switched on.

Door leaf mounting is adapted to the environment. Choose from among rectangular frames of profiled aluminium, stainless steel cover rings or silicon glass up against the door leaf when hygiene requirements are high.

5. Fittings

We build doors with customized fittings according to the customer’s specifications and functional requirements. We offer guidance and a wide range of options for locks, hinges, electric strikes, electric locks, door closers, emergency exit fittings and automated control devices.

Our expert sales representatives will help you from the design and planning phase all the way until we achieve the exact functionality you require. We use fittings from well-known suppliers and never compromise on quality.

The design of the fibreglass door