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A fibreglass door gives so much more

Is it important that your doors can withstand moisture and humidity and are easy to keep clean? Does it matter if your doors are nice to look at and stay in good shape for a long time? If so, we have an alternative we’d like to tell you about. An attractive, durable and economically viable inner door in fibreglass with a number of unbeatable characteristics.

1. Superior durability

In today’s world, doors in public areas need to be able to withstand scratches, impact and graffiti. With a smart design and carefully selected materials, Thermod’s doors look great for a long time. A fibreglass door never rusts either, which is a clear advantage compared with, for example, steel doors.

2. Complete units

Our doors are delivered complete with frame, lintels, jambs and trim as one unit. The doors are customized to the wall and are easy to install.

3. Easy to keep clean

A door from Thermod is always easy to keep clean. Our doors are completely impervious to water and do not have any dirt-collecting joints, which makes the doors easy to wipe or wash clean, or even to rinse with a hose.

4. Custom design

Thermod’s doors can be customized to any environment. With expert guidance from our experienced specialists, you can decide the size, appearance and functionality of your own door.

5. Unbeatable value

Thermod’s fibreglass doors have all the qualities you look for in a door – and then some. Design and functionality are obviously essential. Superior durability and excellent ability to keep the door clean come along in the bargain. We are also sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by the price and value for your money. Try us out on your next procurement!


Custom made design Easy to keep clean