Get to know our new colleague, Gunnar Lundgren

Hi Gunnar! Tell us a bit about yourself.

In terms of residence and origin, I’m probably as much of a Stockholmer as you can really be. Four generations back in time, my great-grandfather moved to Stockholm from Mönsterås in Småland andopened a small tobacco shop at Stureplan. Since then, the family has remained here.

Professionally, it has largely always been about finance. I have had administrative roles in various industries and have worked as Financial Manager in several businesses both as an employee, as self-employed and, now in recent years, as a consultant.

How did you get in contact with Thermod?

The first connection came through a recruitment company. After that I have had a number of meetings with both Thermod’s management and the parent company Lagercrantz.

What attracted you to the job?

Several things. It feels new and exciting to step into what is, for me, a new industry. I also got a very good impression of both the management and the company in our initial conversations. The opportunity to work and exchange experiences within a larger group such as Lagercrantz also feels appealing.

What will your workdays look like?

I think they will hold a lot! As a Financial Manager, it is my responsibility to make the various parts of the financial system work together and to assist the management with input for both short-term and strategic decisions. I will also be in the factory to get to know that part of the business as well as acquaint myself with our customers.

In a small organization, the job also includes taking on much of the operational work. I don’t think I will get bored!

What do you look forward to the most?

Right now, it is probably to get a grip of reality and get to know both my colleagues and the business. I want to drill down into the core issues as soon as possible to be able to participate and contribute to the offensive goals that I know the company has set. I’m looking forward to this!

Published 18 Jun 2024