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Nestlé Portugal – one of our happy customers


This summer Thermod delivered 10 ThermoBac doors to Nestlé's factory in Avenca, Portugal. We have now recieved an additional order from Nestlé in Portugal. This time 25 ThermoBac interior doors.

Nestlé is the worlds largest food and drink company owning over 2000 different brands in 189 countries. The company is doing very well in Portugal with a 2,9% increase in income, totalling 486 million euro, in 2017. The purchase of our hygiene doors are part of a 40 million euro investment in the two largest factories located in Avenca and Porto. The factory in Avenca is Nestlé's largest factory in Portugal. The factory produces dairy products, cereal and baby food.

3 ThermoBac-dörrar i Nestlés fabrik

Nestlé in Portugal have been happy with us as a trusted supplier. This is our second order to the same facility, equipping the  Avenca factory with a total of 35 doors from Thermod.

Thermod's ThermoBac doors are perfectly suited for food environments. Their anti-bacterial qualities kill 99,9% of all bacteria coming in contact with the door and frame thanks to silver ions. The silver ions are active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can not be cleaned or scrubbed away. ThermoBac are also suitable in hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical industries and animal hospitals.