Freezer room door FD

Freezer room door FD

Shape and finish give the FD door an attractive appearance, which matches most environments. The FD door withstands rough handling better than most. The door leaf has a surface layer of fiberglass-reinforced polyester and an impact-resistant door leaf edge of aluminum, as well as a core of CFC-free polyurethane.

Thermod FD is delivered with frames in natural anodised aluminium. An ingenious frame system means that the frames form lining on one or two sides of the wall, depending on wall thickness. Thanks to a heating cable in the frame, the door does not freeze and no condensation forms. The construction has a broken cold bridge. The FD door can always be opened from the inside. No risk of being locked in thanks to the emergency opening function, which is standard on the FD door.

The FD door is easy to assemble: Insert the frame into the door hole from one side, fit any lining parts from the opposite side.Hang the door in place when the frame is fixed in position. Fast, rational, economical.
Freezer doors with PIR

Our freezer doors are also offered in PIR design.

PIR (polyisocyanurate) is a solid polyurethane foam with closed cells. The material has properties – including thermal properties – that make it suitable as insulation in various types of construction materials and panels.

Compared to PUR - which is today the most used insulation material - PIR has a higher insulation efficiency, which enables thinner constructions in tight spaces. PIR also differs from PUR in terms of fire impact.

The PIR doors are an excellent option for, for example, the food industry, restaurants and commercial kitchens.


  • Anodized aluminium frame with broken thermal bridge.
  • Self-regulating heating wire 230 V AC (5-15W/m).
  • Immersive frame from 60-305 mm wall thickness
  • Threshold with heating wire.

Door leaf

  • Completely flat door leaf surface satisfies the highest hygiene demands.
  • Door leaf thickness 100 mm. U-value 0.24 W/m2.
  • Outer surface of glass fibre reinforced polyester (standard colour RAL9010).
  • Door leaf profile made of anodized aluminium.
  • Polyuretane insulation (CFC free). Floor gasket under door leaf

Door fittings

  • Hinges: Dorma 4005.
  • Lock: Fermod type 921 with emergency opening from
  • inside (lock with Eurocylinder).


  • Door leaf in stainless steel version.
  • Other laminate colours: RAL7005, RAL7035, RAL7038 and RAL9002 (other colours can be painted in RAL).
  • Kick plate
  • Can be ordered without threshold.
  • Lock Fermod type 621 with Euro or ASSA cylinder

Temerature range

  • -25°C / +25°C, Rh 60%
  • With lower ambient temperature than +12°C this must specified.
  • FD Panel wall no cover
    FD Panel wall no cover
  • FD solid cover
    FD solid cover
  • FD adjustable cover
    FD adjustable cover
  • RAL7005
    RAL 7005
  • RAL7016
    RAL 7016
  • RAL9035
    RAL 7035
  • RAL7038
    RAL 7038
  • RAL9002
    RAL 9002
  • RAL9010
    RAL 9010

  • RAL 9005

  • RAL 9003
  • Optional accordion to RAL
    Optional accordion to RAL
  • Formica laminate, choose from the entire range
    Optional Formica laminat
  • Kick plate 01
    Kick plate 01
  • Kick plate 02
    Kick plate 02
  • Kick plate 03
    Kick plate 03
  • Kick plate 04
    Kick plate 04
  • Kick plate 05
    Kick plate 05

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