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ThermoBac Antibacterial Doors

Multi-resistant bacteria – a growing problem

The increasing use of antibiotics in livestock farming has led to the development of bacteria resistant to antibiotic treatment.
Multi-resistant bacteria are spread to humans not only through the meat we eat and the manure used on fields, but also indirectly in places where food is handled openly.

Multi-resistant bacteria spread from person to person through direct contact and also indirectly via contaminated objects. Resistant bacteria reach healthcare environments in the same way, leading to medical complications, high risk of infection and longer hospital stays for patients. Reducing the incidence of multi-resistant bacteria in each stage of development can limit its spread.

Continuous antibacterial effect

Bacterial colonies in sensitive environments have an almost exponential growth. Within minutes, the number of bacteria in a room can multiply many times over. Even with regular cleaning and disinfection, bacterial accumulations can quickly grow to harmful levels between cleanings.

ThermoBac is a series of innovative doors with antibacterial properties. The laminate on the door leaf contains silver ions, which provide a continuous antibacterial effect over the entire surface. When the bacteria reach the door and the door frame, they are immediately attacked by the silver ions, which break down 99.9% of the bacteria on the surface by penetrating the bacteria’s cell membranes. The silver ions are active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Antibacterial doors for other environments

Our ThermoBac doors offer antibacterial properties for a range of different environments. ThermoBac doors are available for food environments such as large-scale kitchens and also for medical environments such as hospitals, laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry and animal hospitals.

The ThermoBac range includes hygiene doors and X-ray doors in both hinged and sliding door designs. A wide standard range is augmented with customized solutions to meet specific requirements.

All doors have a door leaf laminate with silver ions, which effectively kill bacteria on the door’s surface. The frames are painted with a polyester powder coating that, like the door leaf, contains silver ions. The doors can also be equipped with push bars, handles and other hardware surface-treated with Addion.

Durable, reliable and safe

The laminate on ThermoBac doors has bactericidal properties against most relevant types of bacteria and has been thoroughly tested according to current European standards.

It also has a long-term effect. The laminate is very durable and completely impervious to moisture. Silver ions are integrated into the gel coating and thus cannot be washed or wiped away.

The laminate has been tested according to ISO 22196:2011

ThermoBac facts

  • Surface finish with bactericidal silver ions.
  • Neutralizes more than 99.9% of the bacteria on the door’s surface.
  • ThermoBac-painted extruded aluminium frames.
  • Push bars and some other hardware can be ordered with Addion finishes.
  • Provides continuous bactericidal effect.
  • Covers the entire surface of the door.


Laminate structure


The silver ions attack the bacteria over the entire surface

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