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Doors for the food industry

Thermod has been supplying doors to the Nordic food industry for many years. We have witnessed first-hand   the tough working environments of the industry and are well aware of the stringent hygiene requirements in place. Experience has taught us what is demanded of a door placed in this tough environment.

Thermod’s fibreglass doors have a durability unmatched by other materials and can withstand extreme conditions without damage to the finish. The materials and ingenious design of our doors gives you a hygiene door that can withstand enormous stress and is completely impervious to moisture. Being able to wash the entire door without being afraid of damaging it is essential in the food industry.

Our flexibility and customization options are also important, as the doors must often be incorporated into existing wall openings or furnished with a recess or opening.


  • Nestlé
  • Orkla Foods
  • Arla Foods
  • Bell
  • Nortura
  • Unilever


To keep in mind

  • The doors must be able to withstand cleaning without being damaged by water or cleaning agents.
  • If an alkaline detergent is used for cleaning, a powder-coated aluminium finish is usually sufficient. In some cases, however, such as in the fish processing industry, the aluminium edges are replaced with acid-resistant stainless steel.
  • If forklifts are used, swinging doors must be able to handle impact from pallets or forklift forks. Polycarbonate doors or insulated swinging doors with kick plates and/or impact arcs, as well as robust frames and doors, are recommended.
  • To facilitate goods handling, large sliding doors for coolers and freezers should be equipped with automatic controls. The automation is controlled by push buttons, pull cord switches or remote control.
  • The automatic controls should be able to communicate with master control systems to temporarily switch off evaporator fans when personnel are in the freezer area and to trigger an alarm if the door is left open for a certain length of time.