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Doors for Institutional kitchens

Large-scale restaurants have high demands not only from users but also from architects and installation contractors. Doors and other furnishings must be able to withstand heavy wear and also meet legal hygienic requirements.

A fibreglass door from Thermod has a durability superior to other materials and retains its finish despite repeated impact from both equipment and staff. Doors for large-scale kitchens are also designed to meet applicable hygienic standards and are approved by the health and environment authorities.

Thermod’s doors have integrated architraves for both sides of the wall, making them easy to install. A complete solution, with frame, lintels, jambs and trim, also offers a tidy overall impression and good and lasting protection against the harsh conditions of a large-scale kitchen. 

The door leaf consists of fibreglass laminate, an aluminium edge and a polyurethane core. The door’s design provides an impact-resistant door leaf that is hygienic and completely impervious to moisture.

All doors can be customized to specific dimensions, colours and accessories.


  • Fazer Food
  • Gate Gourmet Airline Catering
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Swedish Army



To keep in mind

  • Doors for large-scale kitchens should be positioned so that the door leaf does not stick out in the room. This minimizes the risk of collision and crushing injuries among staff.
  • Large-scale kitchens are moist environments, which require doors and frames that can withstand water.
  • Cooler and freezer doors must have thermal properties that prevent condensation in conditions of excessive moisture.