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Sliding door SDF

Sliding door SDF is a door for freezer rooms and in these particular areas a good sealing all around the door are therefore very important. Or else it it will build up ice in a very short time.

Thermod Flex Frame is an adjustable framing which helps you to get a very good sealing even if the wall is a little bit bended. The framing on the frontside have no visible screws or plugs, and you choose if you want to cover only the front or the hole opening. The solution looks great and it´s very easy to install. The frame has also an intgrated heating wire as standard.

The door leaf is made of glassfibre reinforced polyester with a core of polyuretane with a thickness of 120mm. An extruded anodized aluminum profile cover the door leaf edge, which means that the construction will survive rough conditions. This profile have a thermal break and an integrated heating wire, and thanks to this construction it will be absolutely free from condensation problems. It´s also equipped with lever handles which makes it very easy to open and close.

It´s also possible to order this door with wall mounted bottom guide (see media below)

Even if the door is easy to open and close, it may be convenient to equip it with an automatic opening and closing function. Sliding door SDC is available in two versions – manual and automatic. (see media below)

Thanks to its material and design without dirt collecting sufaces, this door is very easy to keep clean.

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Flex Frame

  • Extruded anodized aluminum profiles.
  • Cover for only frontside or cover for the hole wall opening.
  • Integrated heating wire

Door leaf

  • Thickness 120 mm. U-value 0,20 W/m².
  • Surface made of glassfibre reinforced polyester (RAL9010).
  • Edge profile made of extruded anodized aluminum profile.
  • Integrated heating wire.
  • Core of CFC free polyuretane.
  • Double gaskets around and under the door leaf.
  • Lever handles on both sides. (with emergency function)
  • Other GRP laminates. RAL 7005, 7038, 7035, 9002.

Rail system

  • Equipped with Fermod railsystem.


  • Automation.
  • Other colours can be painted in RAL or NCS colour scale.
  • Stainless version (door leaf and frame).
  • Lock with emergency function.
  • SDF 1 sided cover
    SDF 1 sided cover
  • SDF 2 foder
    SDF 2 sided cover
  • SDF solid cover
    SDF solid cover
  • Skjutdörr ral7005
  • Skjutdörr ral7035
  • Skjutdörr ral7038
  • Skjutdörr ral9002
  • Skjutdörr ral9010
  • Rostfritt stål RAL och NCS
    Option by RAL or NCS
  • Formica laminat välj bland hela sortimentet
    Option Formica laminate