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Doors for hospitals and healthcare facilities

Thermod’s hygiene doors are designed for environments where hygiene and durability are prioritized. The design of the doors simplifies cleaning and the surface finish withstands unlimited washings.

The door leaf is made of fibreglass-reinforced polyester and has a core of 40 mm polyurethane. The design of the door keeps it lightweight. The frames are made of aluminium or stainless steel and can be painted in any colour to match virtually any environment.

The doors are available as both single and double doors. We can customize the door to meet specific dimensions, colours and accessories such as door automatics, glass openings, adaptation for access control systems, etc.


  • Karolinska Stockholm
  • Warsaw university hostpital
  • Krakow univeristy hostpital
  • UN Regugee camps in Africa


To keep in mind

  • Hospital doors should have flat surfaces. Dirt-collecting joints and recesses complicate regular cleaning.
  • The materials used in the door must be able to withstand washing with various types of chemicals without causing damage.
  • The risk of the door being hit by hospital beds or similar is pronounced. Doors and frames must therefore be designed to withstand regular impact.