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Doors for laboratories

The laboratory environment requires doors that do not collect dirt and are easy to clean. The doors must be able to withstand moisture for a prolonged period of time and not be adversely affected by daily washing and disinfection.

A laboratory door must also be able to withstand mechanical stress without being damaged. With a frame made of aluminium or stainless steel and impact-resistant door leaves with aluminium door leaf edges, our hygiene doors live up to all expectations.

We often manufacture doors to meet specific customer requests. A good example of this is a concealed frame customized to fit the wall thickness and silicon-fitted against the wall. This helps prevent dirt-collecting surfaces generated by trim. Glass openings in the door leaf are fitted neatly with only a thin silicon seam between the glass and the fibreglass laminate.


  • Karolinska institution
  • Swedish DNA crime lab
  • Astra Zeneca
  • Octapharma
  • Nya Karolinska

To keep in mind

  • The materials must withstand chemicals used to clean and disinfect the door.
  • The door leaf and frame must not absorb moisture and swell after a period of use. Moisture can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mould.