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Doors for veterinary hospitals and clinics

Veterinary hospital doors are often exposed to extremely dirty conditions and harsh mechanical wear. A fibreglass door with an aluminium frame is therefore an excellent option. Thermod’s doors can be washed and rinsed repeatedly without damage.

In operating rooms, a hygienic design is particularly important to prevent dirt accumulation and facilitate cleaning and disinfection.

Thermod has a wide selection of fibreglass doors for everything from small animal clinics to hospitals for large animals.  Our doors are available in both single and bi-parting hinged doorsor as sliding doors. All doors are also available as X-ray doors.

We also carry hygiene windows. These are also available in X-ray versions.


  • Evidensia
  • Campus Ås, Norway
  • SLU Uppsala, Sweden


To keep in mind

  • Fibreglass doors for veterinary hospitals must be able to withstand repeated cleaning and mechanical wear.
  • Operating rooms must meet stringent hygienic standards. Doors in these environments must therefore be designed to minimize dirt accumulation.