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Doors and windows for X-ray environments

X-ray rooms are, in many respects, special environments. In addition to the extreme hygiene requirements that characterize all healthcare environments, there are also stringent demands for effective radiation protection.

Thermod’s X-ray door is a further development of our hygiene door. The X-ray door has the same hygienic properties, but is also designed to protect against X-ray radiation.

A layer of 0.5-2.0-mm thick lead is integrated into both the frame and door.  This lead layer is customized according to the environment and customer requirements. The user is not exposed to any lead components. These are instead concealed in the frame and door leaf.

The X-ray door is available as a hinged door in both single and double-door versions and also as a sliding door. We also carry X-ray windows.


  • Karolinska Stockholm
  • Warsaw university hostpital
  • Krakow univeristy hostpital
  • PET-center Norway


To keep in mind

  • Investigate to determine applicable standards for radiation protection.
  • Hospital doors should have flat surfaces. Dirt-collecting joints and recesses complicate regular cleaning.
  • The materials used in the door must be able to withstand washing with various types of chemicals without causing damage.
  • The risk of the door being hit by hospital beds or similar is pronounced. Doors and frames must therefore be designed to withstand regular impact.