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Doors for industry

Industrial environments place high demands on service life and function. Because conditions and requirement specifications vary depending on the type of industry, the choice of materials plays a major role.

Thermod builds doors, hatches, windows, etc. based on the specific needs of each customer. Frames in stainless steel or extruded aluminium provide a robust structure that withstands the stress of industrial environments.

The door leaves are manufactured with a surface of fibreglass laminate or stainless steel, a core of polyurethane and an aluminium door leaf edge. This results in a lightweight door leaf that is completely impervious to water.


  • Volvo Motors
  • Volvo custruction equipment
  • DHL
  • Moelven
  • Interexion
  • Stora Enso


To keep in mind

  • Since corrosion is a common problem in industrial environments, it is important that the right materials are used if the service life is going to live up to expectations. Acid-resistant stainless steel frames and door leaves with fibreglass laminate, or stainless steel, can handle most environments. We manufacture our doors according to the customer’s requests and requirements as far as possible.