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Doors for schools and preschools

Schools, preschools and other environments with a lot of children in them need doors that can withstand heavy stress from daily wear and tear and stay in good shape for a long time.

Thermod’s fibreglass doors are an unbeatable option if you want to combine durability with a stylish design. A door that looks just like you want it to look, with a variety of options when it comes to appearance, functionality and practical details.

The materials and the ingenious design make Thermod doors completely impervious to water and extremely easy to wash and keep clean.



To keep in mind

  • In environments with small children, it may be appropriate to equip doors with an anti-finger trap.
  • Preschools commonly have “daytime” locks (e.g. FIX 2760), which prevent small children from opening the door.
  • Glass openings are available in any size and any location.