Snabbrullport Frigocam

Snabbrullport Frigocam

The aluminium roll-up door is a vertical opening fast door for cold-storage and refrigerated rooms.

The door comprises two side stiles that serve as a guide for the flexible fabric. This fabric opens vertically, rolling up at the top of the door, over a drum which is turned by a gear motor. This motor drives a shaft which can modify instantly the direction of operation. When closing is activated, the door descends through a combination of the lower fabric weight and the action of the gear motor, ensuring the door's seal by brushes profiled in the side and upper guides.

The door allows for the motor to be configured in frontal or lateral position.

Thanks to the safety photocell located within the door's guide, it reverses the manoeuvre when it detects an obstacle.

The lower part of the fabric comes with a yellow/black skirt and stabiliser body providing the door the necessary weight for its correct operation, as well as providing clear visibility of the transit area.

The control panel for operating the door has been especially designed for industrial applications and contexts.


  • Vävarmerad isolerad PVC duk, 1 350 g/m2.
  • Antistatbehandlad kan fås som option
  • 14 standard kulörer
  • Hela RAL skalan samt eget tryck som option
  • Lämplig för temperatur nre till 0 grader C



  • Anodiserad strängpressad Aluminium
  • Lackas i valfri kulör som option.


  • MTRX 0,55kW, IP klass 54
  • Temp. område -20 till +40 grader
  • Frekvensstyrd motor kan fås som option
  • Integrerad värme i växellådan


  • Power VAR
  • 230v driftspänning
  • IP 56, klarar luftfuktighet upp till 93%
  • Temp. område 0 till +40 grader.


  • CE märkt enligt EN13241-1
  • Öppningshastighet, upp till 2 m/s
  • Max dagöppning 4500x4000mm
  • Vindlast, Klass 2
  • RAL1003
    RAL 1003
  • RAL1014
    RAL 1014
  • RAL2004
    RAL 2004
  • RAL3002
    RAL 3002
  • RAL5002
    RAL 5002
  • RAL5005
    RAL 5005
  • RAL5010
    RAL 5010
  • RAL6026
    RAL 6026
  • RAL7016
    RAL 7016
  • RAL7037
    RAL 7037
  • RAL7038
    RAL 7038
  • RAL8014
    RAL 8014
  • RAL9005
    RAL 9005
  • RAL9016
    RAL 9016

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