There's a lot of talk about a fiberglass door

Is it important that your doors withstand moisture and wet environments, and are easy to keep clean? Is it important that the doors are stylish and pleasant to look at and stay clean for a long time? Then we have an alternative which we are happy to tell you about. A stylish, durable, and economically viable fiberglass interior door with a range of hard-to-beat properties.

1. World-class sustainability

Doors in public spaces have to put up with scratches, blows and graffiti. With smart construction and thoughtful material choices, Thermod's laminate doors stay stylish for a long time. A fiberglass door also never rusts, which is a clear advantage over steel doors, for example. The fiberglass door also does not swell like a wooden door.

2. Complete units

Our fiberglass doors come complete with frame and lining as a unit. The doors are adapted to the wall and are easy to install. The door comes with the desired fitting, from simpler locks to advanced locking systems.

3. Easy to keep clean

A door from Thermod is always easy to keep clean. The laminate door is completely insensitive to water and lacks dirt-collecting joints, making the doors easy to wipe, wash or even rinse.

The unique material of the fiberglass door also makes it possible to use alcohol and other chemicals to remove, for example, graffiti.

4. Tailored design

Thermod's fiberglass doors can be adapted to any environment. With knowledgeable guidance from experienced specialists, you can change the size, appearance, and function of the door yourself. 

5. Unbeatable economy

Thermod's fiberglass doors have all the characteristics you are looking for in a door, plus a little more. The design and functionality are obvious. Sustainability and great opportunities to keep the door clean are included. We are also certain that you will be pleasantly surprised by the price, longevity, and the overall economy of the door.

Feel free try us out for your next procurement!