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Fire doors

Fire-rated doors shall, by design and choice of materials, prevent the spread of fire and slow down temperature increases. The fire door should also close tightly to prevent smoke and harmful gases from passing through.

Thermod offers fire doors in several different designs.

Fire door EI 30 is a type of approved fire door that is tested according to the test standard EN 13501-2 and classified according to EI₁30 SaS200C4. The fire door is also tested with class C4 door closers and meets the classification requirements for gas density SaS200. Ei₁30 SaS200 is offered as a single door and EI230 is available as a double door.

Fire door EI 60 is fire tested and approved according to the test standard EN 1634-1 and classified according to EI260.

Hermetic fire sliding door MET EI30/60 is tested according to EN 1634-1 and classified according to both EI 30 and EI 60.

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