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Doors for sports facilities

The sports hall is a tough environment. Doors, walls, and other furnishings must be able to withstand powerful shocks from clubs, balls, and other utensils without being damaged or quickly tarnished.
Thermod's fiberglass doors have a stable and rigid aluminum frame that can withstand wear and tear. The door itself has a shock-resistant door leaf with durable fiberglass surface and aluminum edges that withstand shocks, chops, and blows.
Doors adjacent to changing and shower rooms shall be designed so that frames and door leaves do not soak up water and swell during regular cleaning. The fiberglass material in these environments makes Thermod doors completely insensitive to moisture and there is never any risk of moisture damage.
The surface layer of the laminate door also allows graffiti to be removed without damaging the door by the cleaning agent.

What to consider

  • In extremely vulnerable environments such as sports facilities, it is important that the doors withstand unfiltered treatment for a long time. The combination of aluminum frame and a shock resistant door leaf with fiberglass surface and aluminum edge provides a door that lasts a long time.
  • Doors adjacent to wet rooms shall be designed so that frames and door leaves do not absorb water and swell.
  • Graffiti should be easy to wipe off without damaging the door by the cleaning agent.

Some references

  • Löfbergs Lila Arena
  • Stockholm Globe Arena
  • Malmö Arena
  • Skövde Arena
  • Kinnarps Arena
  • Swedbank Arena
  • Frölundaborg
  • Filborna Arena
  • Bersjön Sports Hall
  • Djursholm's IP
  • Heby Swimming and Sports Hall
  • Sickla Gymnasium
  • Sunderby Ice Hall
  • Friskis & Svettis
  • Forshaga Learning Center

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