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Doors for medical environments

Medical environments have extreme demands on hygiene, wear resistance and – not least – operational safety. Here, more than anywhere else, you have to be able to trust the functions of the door. Thermod meets the requirements with specially developed doors for hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, and animal hospitals, for example.

Strict hygiene requirements mean that construction and materials must help to make the door easy to keep clean. The door must be able to be thoroughly washed and spread/sanitized without affecting the material or damaging the product.

At the same time, the movement of patients and equipment mean heavy wear on the surface layers. The door must therefore be durable and withstand shocks and blows.

Our X-ray doors have the same hygienic properties as other hygiene doors but also effective protection against X-rays. The X-ray door has lead integrated into both the frame and the door leaf, thus preventing harmful radiation.

Hermetic doors - sliding doors or hinged doors - are mounted in environments with high sealing requirements such as quarantine-proof environments. The door has a construction that ensures sealing around the entire door leaf.

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