Doors for prefabricated buildings

Prefabrication - Prefab - means that building components are manufactured and pre-assembled in the factory. A prefabricated building is delivered as more or less finished modules that are joined together on the construction site. Thermod's Prefab program includes fiberglass doors for a variety of prefabricated building types.

Prefabrication as a construction method is used in several areas. Common applications are temporary or permanent construction of schools, preschools, offices and sport facilities. Medical facilities such as hospitals, laboratories and other care environments are also becoming more common.

The industry distinguishes between offsite or onsite construction where offsite is often defined as buildings where more than 80% of the construction work is completed before all the modules are transported to the construction site for assembly. Onsite construction is carried out to a greater extent on the construction site. Thermod offers door solutions for both construction methods.

Fiberglass doors - an excellent option

Thermod's program of fiberglass doors covers large parts of what the door needs of prefab construction. Fiberglass doors surpass other door types in several aspects.

• Doors that can withstand harsh environments

Thermod's door range is wide and includes door types for most building types where prefab is used. The range includes stylish and functional interior doors for schools and sports facilities with associated wet areas, but also hygiene doors for hospitals, laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry and other environments where hygiene is important.

A growing area is also special doors for medical construction in spaces with special requirements such as surgical and X-ray environments.

• Possibilities to adapt the door to the module's requirementsThermod's production structure means full flexibility to shape doors exactly to the user's requirements. Dimensional adjustment is rarely a problem.

• The fiberglass doors can be reusedThe wear resistance of the fiberglass door and the stable aluminum frame means that they can be reused. When dismantling modules that have fulfilled their purpose, the doors can be recovered and used again when building new objects.

Thermod - an experienced Prefab supplier

Prefab construction places other demands on the supplier compared to regular construction.

• Deliveries

In a partnership around prefab, the assembly of doors is a link in the production chain. Precise deliveries are therefore an absolute requirement. Thermod meets these requirements with careful planning and well-thought-out logistics.

• Product customizations

In most prefabricated deliveries, the appearance and function of the modules are adapted to the architecture and function of the building object. As part of the module, our doors must therefore be able to be adapted in terms of size and function.

Thermod has solid experience in all environments where prefabricated construction is used. In this way, we can participate in product development and actively contribute to complete solutions. A delivery from Thermod includes complete door packages with frames and thresholds but also necessary fittings including locks.

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