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Doors for grocery stores

The grocery store is subject to strict requirements in terms of wear, function, and hygiene. Perhaps that is precisely why our doors have become so popular. Thermod's refrigeration and freezer room doors, interior doors, swing doors and sliding doors are common in grocery stores of all sizes.

The doors are shock resistant and easy to keep clean. Aluminum frame systems also provide a durable door that lasts for a long time.

Our doors can also be equipped with accessories such as electric locking, which is often a requirement between store and warehouse space. The doors can also be equipped with fittings that can be integrated with the store's alarm system.

What to consider

  • In grocery stores, it is important that the doors can withstand frequent use during long working days without maintenance taking up too much of the staff's time.
  • The doors must withstand shocks from wagons and pallet trucks without damaging the frames and door leaves. The fiberglass laminate and aluminum frames have many benefits.
  • Swinging doors shall be able to be equipped with locks and possibly also be able to be connected to passage systems for locking between store and warehouse.
  • In order to simplify the handling of goods, large refrigeration and freezer sliding doors should be equipped with automatic systems.

Some references

  • Coop
  • City Gross
  • Ica
  • Hypermat
  • Lidl
  • Hemköp
  • Euro Cash
  • ICA Test Kitchen, HQ
  • Willys
  • 7-11, Pressbyrån, Statoil, OKQ8, Espressohouse, Urban Deli, Gooh,
  • Market halls, Gothenburg, Hötorget, Söderhallarna, Food court Ringen

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