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Doors for commercial kitchens

In commercial kitchens, users, architects, and installers have high demands. Doors and other furnishings must withstand heavy wear and tear but also meet statutory hygiene requirements.

A Thermod fiberglass door has a wear resistance superior to other materials and, while maintaining the finish, withstands blows from both equipment and staff. Commercial kitchen doors are also developed to meet current hygiene standards and are approved by the environmental and health protection authorities.

Thermod doors are lining-forming for both sides of the wall, making them easy to assemble and hygienic. A complete solution, with frame, and lining, also gives a nice overall impression and a good and lasting resistance to the required treatment of a commercial kitchen. 

The door leaves consist of fiberglass laminate, an aluminum door leaf edge and a core made of polyurethane. The design provides a shock-resistant door leaf that is hygienic and completely insensitive to moisture. All doors can be customized in terms of dimensions, colors, fittings, and accessories.

What to consider

  • Doors for commercial kitchens should be located so that the door leaves do not protrude into the room. The risk of blows and crush damages of the staff can thus be minimized.
  • Commercial kitchens are damp environments, which requires door leaves and frames that can withstand water.
  • For refrigeration and freezer doors, thermal properties are required to prevent condensation in case of high moisture.

Some references

  • Ikea
  • Fazer Food
  • Grand Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel
  • Gothia Tower
  • Centralkäket Västerås, Avesta, Ekenäs (Regional Council)

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