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Doors for the pharmaceutical industry

The chemical and pharmaceutic industry is subject to strict requirements in terms of hygiene, safety, and productivity. Doors in these environments must therefore meet tough hygiene standards. They should also be durable and operate over time without compromising production and causing expensive downtime.

Thermod has fiberglass doors for all the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Our wide range can accommodate everything from hygiene doors and doors for cold rooms to swinging doors for storage spaces.

Frames can be adapted for hidden fastenings in the wall solutions of the cleanroom system.

What to consider

  • Functionality, reliability, and a hygienic design are obvious features of the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, choose a door type that is suitable for the purpose in terms of both material selection and design.
  • Lock functions and passage systems are selected according to your own specific wishes. Our sales representatives will help you design a solution for the desired functionality.

Some references

  • Recipharm
  • Astra Zeneca
  • Octapharma
  • Arta Plast
  • PET Center Tromsö

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