Sliding Door SDH-H44 Hermetic Glass

Sliding Door SDH-H44 Hermetic Glass

Hermetic sliding door SDH H44 is suitable for example observation room where you want full transparency in the room. The glass door can be provided with electrically dimmable glass or blinds.

The door leaf is made of an aluminium frame and laminated glass and equipped with bottom guide and bottom gasket.

The aluminium frame is free from visible screws. The frame can be powder coated and delivered in any RAL colour. Another option is to cover the wall  opening on both sides for a neat end result. It´s also a gasket around the frame for perfect sealing.

In order to guarantee correct hermetic sealing, the leaf drops down 15mm towards the floor and fits 10mm towards the frame so as seal the perimeter of the gap.

A hermetically sealed sliding door is often used in hospital and laboratory environments and therefore needs to be easy to keep clean. SDH-H44 has no dirt- attracting surfaces and materials that can be cleaned an unlimited number of times.

The automation system is preprogramed with all necessary functions for both a safe and functional usage. The system has two direct driven electrical engines that runs both quietly and vibration free. The system can also be fitted with photocells, radar, IR-detectors, lock function etc.

This door are only aviable in automatic version.





  • Aluminium available powder coated in any RAL-colour
  • Frame for both sides of the wall thickness 70-500 mm. (option)
  • Gasket around the frame for perfect sealing against door leaf.
  • No visible screws or cover plugs.
  • Clear opening single door max with: 1800 mm (min 1100 mm)
  • Clear opening double door max with: 2660 mm (min 1400 mm)
  • Clear opening max height: 2400 mm

Door leaf

  • Door leaf thickness 44 mm aluminium frame.
  • 6 or 10mm laminated glass.
  • Bottom guide.
  • Bottom gasket.


  • The door is supplied complete with rail system including slightly rounded aluminium rail cover.
  • Automation included.


  • Electrically dimmable glass
  • Blinds
  • Great range of automation accessories.


  • Tillval enligt RAL
    Painted according to RAL

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