Ownership & Organization

Since August 2012 Thermod is a fully owned subsidiary of publicly listed Lagercrantz. Together with about ten other Group companies, we are part of the Niche Products division.

About Lagercrantz

Lagercrantz is a technology group of companies that offers value-creating technology, with its own products and with products from leading suppliers. Within the Group there are more than 50 companies, each company is oriented towards a specific submarket, a niche. Common to the companies is that the value creation is great, with a high degree of customization, support, and other services.

Lagercrantz operates in nine countries in Europe, India, China and the United States. The Group has approximately 1,500 employees and sales of approximately SEK 4 billion. The company's share has been listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm since 2001.

Part of Niche Products

Lagercrantz's operations are organized into four divisions.

Electronics offers special products in embedded electronics, industrial wireless communication, RFID, and lighting control.

Mechatronics offers electric connections systems, electric installation materials, electric and electro-mechanical components and wiring harness.

Communications offers products, systems, services and support in network access, digital image transmission/technical security, control systems and software.

Niche Products, the division that includes Thermod, includes profitable companies with a strong market position in interesting niches and with a large element of proprietary products.

Group principles

The operations within Lagercrantz are decentralized, where each subsidiary is followed up based on clear goals. Decentralization enables a high degree of independence, with freedom and responsibility for each subsidiary management and business decisions close to customers and the market.

Common to the activities is, among other things, qualified technical sales and that the sales are made to other companies - "business-to-business". Each subsidiary strives for a leading position in a limited market, a product or customer niche.

Organized to meet our customers

Thermod's business is organized to meet customers within each of the target groups attracted by our products.

Thermod Group's head office and warehouse are located in Klässbol, Värmland. Here you will also find our administration and customer service. We also have regional offices in Stockholm, Ängelholm and Landskrona. The Polish market is processed by its own organization within the framework of the subsidiary Thermod Polska.

All production is carried out in our own manufacturing unit Ampol Serwiz.