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Specialists in fibreglass doors

Thermod manufactures fibreglass doors for environments with high demands on design, durability, hygiene and fire safety. With a market-leading product line, we offer customized door solutions for cold environments, public environments and medical environments. We are headquartered in Arvika, Sweden but also have production and sales facilities in Poland.


Thermod began manufacturing doors in Arvika, Sweden in the early 1970s. Our core product was then, and remains to this day, doors made of fibreglass-reinforced polyester.

In 1990, production moved to new, modern facilities in Poznan, Poland. This factory remains our production base.

In August 2012, Thermod was bought by listed company Lagercrantz and is now part of its Niche Products division.

Through continuous development – with a clear focus on sustainability, functionality and simplicity – we have been at the forefront of innovative door solutions in demanding environments and are now market leaders in our segments.

Business Concept

Thermod will produce and market fibreglass doors for customers with exacting demands on sustainability, hygiene and design.

We will be recognized as a reliable and highly flexible partner who always meets the needs of our customers. We will, throughout the entire process, offer prompt and accurate service to ensure our customers are always satisfied and do not have to deal with disruptions.

Through cost-efficiency and productivity improvements, we will always offer competitive products with consistent performance. We will achieve growth through the continuous development of innovative products for new uses and markets.

Through our sound values and safe working environments, we will be considered a good employer with a good reputation.


Thermod will be the leading producer of fibreglass-reinforced doors on the North European market. Our leading position will be achieved by being the obvious and insisted-upon choice among architects, technical consultants and customers.

We will continue to be at the cutting edge of technology and innovations and have a clear focus on quality and adapting to our customer’s requirements.

Thermod's factory in Poland Client meeting in Klässbol Production in PolandConstruction of fibreglass door