Customs and standards

The regulations regarding the properties and location of doors are detailed and sometimes complex. Before the start of a construction project, it is important to know what regulations apply. Thermod's doors are developed to meet high demands on e.g. hygiene, fire protection, accessibility, sound environment and corrosivity.


Most of Thermod's products are placed in environments where hygiene is crucial. In new, rebuilding and extension in healthcare environments, there are specific hygiene classes that the door must meet. The same also applies in lab environments and the pharmaceutical industry. The requirements are recurring in most types of food handling where doors in e.g. restaurants, commercial kitchens, grocery stores and the food industry must meet legal requirements.

Fire and gas tightness

Fire-rated doors shall prevent the spread of fire, slow down temperature increases and prevent the spread of hazardous fire gases. The products shall also have properties that facilitate safe evacuation in the event of a fire. Standards regarding fire protection are summarized in Boverket's building regulations based on the European fire standard EN 13501-2.


Buildings and spaces shall be accessible and usable for persons with visual, mobility or orientation impairments. Accessibility requirements are laid down in the Planning and Building Act and clarified in Boverket's building regulations.

Sound environment

Poor sound environment leads to difficulty concentrating, stress and fatigue over time. Regulations regarding noise and noise disturbances can be found in Boverket’s building regulations, but also in, among other things, the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations regarding the design of the workplace.


Doors in moisture-exposed environments are subjected to severe stress and a higher risk of rust infestation. Corrosivity classification indicates the requirements for the protection of construction products against corrosion/rust infestation.

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