Kick plates and bumpers

Protect your door against kicks, blows and impacts with the help of kick plate or bumpers. Our range is wide and includes functional variants for tough and stressful environments such as the food industry, institutional kitchens and restaurants.

Material - kick plates

Choose your kick plate in the material that best suits the intended door environment.

Our kick plates are offered in durable stainless An5 sheet metal, stainless and brushed acid-proof sheet metal or in black or white-gray polyethylene plastic.

Black polyethylene plastic


White-grey polyethylene plastic

Stainless sheet metal


Brushed acid-resistant sheet metal

Stainless An5 sheet metal


Design - kick plates

Thermod's kick plates is offered as an option for almost all our door models but is most commonly used to protect exposed swing doors. The kick plates are available in several sizes and designs and are chosen based on use and expected load on the door.

Factory standard


Kick plate 01

Kick plate 02

Kick plate 03

Kick plate 04

Kick plate 05


Thermod's bumpers protect the door from the harsh stresses of, for example, van and truck traffic. The bumper provides direct protection against shocks and daily wear and tear but also gives the door increased torsional rigidity.

Bumpers are often installed on swing doors in environments such as food industries, warehouses, institutional kitchens, grocery stores and restaurants.

The bumpers can be mounted on either side of the door leaf to protect the door from both sides. In environments with lighter stresses, the bumper is placed along the bottom edge of the door. For heavier loads from, for example forklift traffic, options for mounting along the entire door are offered.

The bumpers can also be combined with kick plates.

HD polyethylene black

Height: 230, 250, 400

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