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Doors for surgical, X-ray and quarantine environments

In order to offer a complete door concept, we have also developed special doors for those parts of the healthcare sector where the demands are the highest.

X-ray doors

The X-ray space is a special environment in several regards. In addition to the extreme hygiene requirements that characterize all healthcare environments, strict requirements are also placed on effective radiation protection.

Thermod's X-ray door is a further development of the hygiene door. The door has the same hygienic properties, but also a developed protection against X-rays. A layer of 0.5-3 mm of lead is integrated into both the frame and door leaf. The lead inserts of the radiation protection door are adapted according to the environment and the customer's wishes. No lead parts are exposed to the user but are hidden in frame and door leaf.

The X-ray door is offered as a single and double hinged door but also as a sliding door. The range also includes X-ray windows.

Hermetic doors

Hermetic doors are mounted in environments with strict air tightness requirements such as surgical or quarantine-proof environments. The door has a structure where the door leaf falls to the floor while being pressed towards the frame, ensuring sealing around the entire door leaf.

Hermetic sliding doors are also available for environments with fire requirements EI30 and EI60.

What to consider

  • Carefully examine the standards for radiation protection.
  • X-ray doors should have flat surfaces. Dirt-collecting joints and nooks make regular cleaning difficult.
  • The surface layer of the radiation shield door must withstand being washed with different types of chemicals without being damaged.
  • X-ray doors being hit by, for example, hospital beds are palpable. The frame and door leaf must therefore be designed to withstand regular shocks and blows.

Some references

  • Karlskoga Hospital
  • Lund University Hospital
  • PET Center Tromsö
  • AniCura Clinic
  • Huddinge Hospital
  • Praktikertjänst
  • Skaraborg Hospital

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