Sliding door SDH-P50 Hermetic

Sliding door SDH-P50 Hermetic

The hermetic sliding door SDH-P50 is available in a manual version or with door automation system.

The design and choice of materials make this door completely moisture-proof. The door leaf consists of an 4 mm thick HPL laminate or stainless steel, and a shock-resistant door leaf edge of aluminium and a core of polyurethane. The door leaf is also equipped with sealing strips and a bottom guide.

The aluminium or stainless steel frame is free from visible screws. The frame can be powder coated and delivered in any RAL colour. Another option is to coat the whole wall opening for a neat end result.

In order to guarantee correct hermetic sealing, the leaf drops down 15mm towards the floor and fits 10mm towards the frame so as seal the perimeter of the gap.

A hermetically sealed sliding door is often used in hospital and laboratory environments and therefore needs to be easy to keep clean. SDH-P50 has no dirt- attracting surfaces and materials that can be cleaned an unlimited number of times.

SDH-P50 is delivered with an automation system, but is also available in a manual version. The automation system is preprogramed with all necessary functions for both a safe and functional usage. The system has two direct driven electrical engines that runs both quietly and vibration free. The system can also be fitted with photocells, radar, IR-detectors, lock function etc.


  • Aluminium or stainless steel. Also available powder coated in any RAL-colour
  • Case-forming on both sides of the wall, wall thickness 70-500 mm available for order.
  • No visible screws or cover plugs.
  • Clear opening single door max with: 1800 mm (min 1100 mm)
  • Clear opening double door max with: 2660 mm (min 1400 mm)
  • Clear opening max height: 2400 mm

Door leaf

  • Door leaf thickness 50 mm.
  • Surface of 4 mm thick HPL laminate or stainless steel.
  • Edge of anodized aluminium .
  • Core of PIR foam.
  • Sealing strip towards the frame and the floor.
  • Supplied with stainless pull handles on outside and recessed pull handle on inside.
  • Standard colours Fundermax code 0085 White, 0703 light blue, 0236 light green och 0627 beige.


  • The door is supplied complete with rail system including slightly rounded aluminium rail cover.
  • Manual version as an option.

These colors are standard and are always in stock, but the entire Fundermax selection of colors can be ordered.

See Fundermax product catalog for a complete range


  • Fundermax 0085
    Fundermax 0085
  • Fundermax 0630
    Fundermax 0630
  • Fundermax 0742
    Fundermax 0742
  • Fundermax 0718
    Fundermax 0718

The windows has silicone in the fitting and suitable for hygienic environments.

Standard rectangular measurements: 400x400 mm, 500x400 mm and 900x800 mm.

Standard circular measurements: ø 400 mm and ø 500 mm.

If you have other measurement requiries, please contact us for more information: +46 570- 72 74 70 or

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