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Doors for schools and preschools

Schools, preschools, and other child environments require doors that withstand the harsh stresses of daily wear and tear and stay fresh for a long time. Thermod's fiberglass doors are an unbeatable option for those who want to combine wear resistance with stylish design. A door that looks just the way you want it with great variety in terms of appearance, function, and practical details.

The choice of materials and the ingenious design make Thermod doors completely insensitive to water and easy to wash and keep clean. The laminate door is therefore an excellent option for toilets, changing rooms, chemistry halls and lecture rooms for home economics.

Opening frames are made of natural anodized aluminum, for optimal strength.

What to consider

  • In environments where toddlers are staying, it may be advisable to provide the door with a clamp-free rear edge.
  • In preschools, it is common to have a high-placed lock (type FIX 2760) that prevents toddlers from opening the doors themselves.
  • Glass openings are available in any size and with placement as desired.

Some references

  • Ulvsätraskolan Järfälla
  • Fridhemsskolan
  • Preschools Nacka Municipality
  • Kyrkenorums Preschool Stenungsund
  • Svenshögskolan Arlöv
  • KTH
  • Kristinebergsskolan
  • Chalmers Horrors
  • Akademiska Hus
  • SLU Uppsala
  • VHC Uppsala
  • Royal College of Music

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