Thresholds and door sweeps

The choice of thresholds and door sweeps are determined by the location and function of the door. Thermod's range includes stop side thresholds, rubber thresholds with sliding strips, automatic recessed sealing thresholds or special solutions, for example, cold room and freezer doors.


Thermod offers functional threshold options for every door type. The program includes stainless steel thresholds and rubber thresholds. Below you will find our range of stainless steel and rubber thresholds. When using flat or rubber strips, it is recommended that the door leaf be supplemented with a door sweep to ensure a tight seal.


ID flat

Stainless steel

ID bumper threshold

Stainless steel

ID HWC bevel threshold

Stainless steel

ID rubber


ID frame profile


Cold room doors

KD flat

Stainless steel

KD bumper threshold

Stainless steel

KD HWC bevel threshold

Stainless steel

KD rubber


Freezer room doors

Threshold with heating cable


No threshold

Heating in the door leaf.

Available with door sweep.

Door sweeps

In environments with high tightness requirements such as hospitals, laboratories, veterinary clinics, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries, it is important that the door closes tightly. By using a door sweep on the door leaf, the tightness requirements can be achieved.

Door sweeps are also offered for cold room doors to prevent hot/cold air from passing under the door.

Inner doors

Inner door 1 side

Mounted on the stop side

Inner door 2 sides

Mounted on both sides


Automatic sealing threshold

Cold room doors

KD door sweep inside

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