Door types

Thermod’s products are offered in several designs. For most environments, hinged doors are offered in designs such as interior doors, hygiene doors, fire doors and sound doors. In other environments, alternative solutions are required. Our catalogue therefore includes door variants such as sliding doors, swinging doors and rolling shutters.

Hinged doors

A hinged door has a hanging side that is swivelling in one direction with a tight stop around the entire frame. The hinged door is offered in several different models adapted to the environment in which they are used.

Hinged doors can also be installed in pairs – such as double doors – where the doors sit against each other. The pair door provides a wider doorway without each door becoming heavy and unwieldy.

Sliding doors

A sliding door is hung on a wall-mounted rail on which it rolls, either by pulling by hand or by an engine running the wheels on the rail.

The advantage of the sliding door is that it takes up little space in front of and behind the door. The downside is that it instead takes up some space along the wall sideways.

Swinging doors

The swinging door resembles the hinged door but opens in both directions. It is often placed in environments with frequent passages in both directions where the passer-by often carries something and therefore has difficulty using their hands to open it.

The swinging door opens – often without handles – using your own body weight. Swinging doors can be fitted with lock housings.

Quick rolling shutters

Thermod's quick rolling shutters consists of two side profiles that support a flexible and reinforced PVC canvas. The canvas is rolled up at the top of the door over a drum connected to a gear motor. The engine drives an axle that can quickly change direction.

When closing, the door is lowered by a combination of the weight of the fabric and the power of the gear motor. The door closes tightly thanks to bristles or profiled rubber at the sides.