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Doors for the food industry

Thermod has supplied doors to the Nordic food industry for a long time. We have seen the tough work environment first-hand, and we are well versed in the strict hygiene requirements that are set. Experience has taught us what is required of a door that is placed in this tough environment.

Thermod's fiberglass doors have a wear resistance superior to other materials and, while maintaining the finish, withstand extreme conditions. The choice of materials and the ingenious construction give you a hygienic door that withstands great stress and is completely insensitive to water. Being able to wash the whole door without fear of the door being damaged is a given in the food industry.

Our flexibility and ability to customize is also important as the doors often are inserted into existing wall openings or equipped with e.g., meat lines.

What to consider

  • The doors must withstand daily cleaning without being damaged by water and cleaning agents.
  • If basic cleaning agents are used, in most cases a powder coated aluminum surface will suffice, but in some cases the aluminum frames are replaced with acid-proof stainless steel, for example in the fish industry.
  • If forklifts are used, swinging doors must be able to withstand loading pallets or forklifts. Polycarbonate doors or insulated swinging doors with kick protection and/or shock arches are recommended as well as sturdy frames and door leaves.
  • In order to facilitate the handling of goods, large sliding doors for cold rooms should be equipped with automatic systems. The automatic system is controlled via push buttons, drawstring contacts or remote control.
  • The automatic system shall be able to communicate with other systems in order to temporarily switch off evaporator fans when staff are in the freezer compartment and to alert if the door is in the open position for a long time.

Some references

  • Findus Bjuv
  • Nestlé
  • Wernerssons Ost
  • Abba Seafood Kungshamn
  • Eriks Lallerstedt Såser
  • Arla Food
  • Atria Scandinavia
  • Diplom-Is
  • Unilever
  • Orkla Foods
  • Cerelia
  • Sia Glass

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