Cold Room Hatch

Cold Room Hatch

The cold room hatches are well insulated, strong, and durable. With glass fiber reinforced polyester door leaf and effective insulation of 55 mm polyurethane.

They come complete with frames made of natural anodized aluminum. Thermod's ingenious frame system causes the frames to form a lining on one or two sides of the wall, depending on the wall thickness. The structure has a thermal break.

The cold room hatch is easy to install: Insert the frame into the hole from one side, install any lining parts from the opposite side. Place the door in place when the frame is attached in position. Fast, logical, economical.


Our standard catalogue range is wide, but we can also offer customized solutions for special needs.

All you have to do is contact one of our sales representatives and we will help you develop a solution.

  • RAL7005
    RAL 7005
  • RAL7016
    RAL 7016
  • RAL9035
    RAL 7035
  • RAL7038
    RAL 7038
  • RAL9002
    RAL 9002
  • RAL9010
    RAL 9010
  • NCS S9000-N
    NCS S9000-N
  • NCS S0500-N
    NCS S0500-N
  • Optional accordion to RAL or NCS
    Optional accordion to RAL or NCS
  • Formica laminate, choose from the entire range
    Optional Formica laminat

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