Thoughtful construction provides the right function

A collaboration with Thermod gives you access to doors of solid Swedish quality. We design and produce customized door solutions for customers all over the world. Over fifty years of experience has given us the knowledge needed to offer doors with a structure that meets the tough demands of our customers.

Stable and durable with attractive design

The door leaf is made of fiberglass reinforced, colored polyester with a door leaf edge made of aluminum. The aluminium edge makes the door stable and rigid but also resistant to external stresses such as shocks, notches, and blows.

The door leaves are filled with CFC-free insulated foam, which gives the door a low weight and at the same time the required stiffness. The foam also has good insulating properties.

Surface layers are selected based on the environment

The surface layer of the door is adapted based on what the door is to be used for. The options are great. Attractive options are for example stainless steel sheet or different types of Formica laminate with a wide variation in colors and patterns.

To accommodate architectural requests, doors with matte finishes are also offered. The matte surface gives an elegant impression without reflections and reduces the risk of visible scratches.

Unique to Thermod’s doors is the possibility to use one laminate on the outside of the door, and another on the opposite side. Fiberglass laminate on the side that is exposed to wet and tough wear can, for example, be combined with decorative Formica laminates on the opposite side.

Common to all materials is that they are insensitive to moisture and can withstand frequent cleaning without damage.