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Door frames adapted for a specific purpose and environment

The frames are an important part of door delivery. The frame gives the door stability and dresses the doorway in a way that meets the design and functional requirements of the use. Thermod offers frames in several designs and materials.

Frames made of extruded, natural anodized aluminum provide a twisting and shock resistant construction that can also be offered in a lacquered design. The aluminum frame is also offered with a cover that dresses the entire opening in an appealing way and that simplifies installation.

The door can also be ordered in stainless (EN1.4301) or stainless acid-proof material (EN1.4404). All frames can be obtained in a matte, brushed, or lacquered version.

A third option is strong and functional steel frames, fully welded or in 3-piece frame. The steel frame is offered in a powder coated design and can thus be adapted to the door environment. At the same time, the paintwork gives the frame an extra corrosion protection.

All frame types are also offered as opening frames, for stealth mounting and in designs with lining on one, or two sides with adaptation to wall thickness.

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