Stainless steel frames

Stainless steel frames

Stainless steel frames for special environments

Stainless steel frames are generally used for environments with extra high corrosion requirements, such as laboratories. Stainless steel and acid-proof frames also withstand environments sanitized with hydrogen peroxide.

Multiple options, many benefits

Stainless steel frames can easily be equipped with side and top lights and installation zones. Jamb frames can also be manufactured adapted to the current wall thickness for a hygienic installation.

Stainless steel frames are almost always delivered unpainted, but for environments where partial painting is desired, this can be catered for. Examples of this are environments where only the top of the frame should be varnished.

Stainless steel frames can - like steel frames - be adapted for use in cleanroom systems.

Our frames are generally supplied fully welded in the factory to ensure tightness. This also makes the installation smoother and faster. In the case of fully welded frames, the lining is also fully welded. If desired, the frame can be supplied in 3 pieces.

In-house manufacturing

Thermod's frame system is manufactured in its own factory. With our own manufacturing, we can offer high quality control and ensure that the frames and door leaves work in harmony. We have a broad standard catalogue offered to the market at competitive prices.

With flexible production, long experience of special projects and our own R&D department, we can offer customized frame solutions based on specific needs.

Easy to install

Thermod’s frames are manufactured with two different mounting systems.

When installing in a building wall, Leca, prefab, etc., the frames are already equipped with frame screws from the factory–Adjufix type – for quick and easy installation.

When installing in wall paneling/sandwich elements – in e.g., cold rooms – a panel mounting system is offered that involves installing the frame with screws from lining into the wall for a simple and safe installation.

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