Complete door packages

Thermod doors are delivered as complete packages with door leaves, frame, lining, and thresholds. The need determines the contents of the package. Our catalogue accommodates combinations for most requests.

Frames and thresholds

The frames are manufactured in their standard version of extruded, natural anodized aluminum, which provides a twisting and shock resistant door construction.

Frames and lining can also be ordered in stainless, stainless acid-proof or powder coated design to increase corrosion protection, or simply to blend into the environment. Fully welded frames are available as an option for steel frames and stainless steel frames.

The choice of threshold is determined by the location and function of the door. The range includes stop thresholds, rubber thresholds with trailer strip, automatic recessed sealing thresholds or special solutions for, for example, cold room and freezer doors.

Options give the door a uniqueness

A door from Thermod becomes what you make it. Through different options, you can refine the door to better suit your wishes.

A glass opening means visibility towards adjacent premises but also an extra light entry. At the same time, the glass opening gives a boost in terms of the design of the door.

In addition, in order to meet all functional requirements, a large selection of door fittings is offered. Decide for yourself what is required in terms of locks, hinges, electric strike body, electric locks, door closer, emergency evacuation fittings and automatics.