Fiberglass doors from Thermod are used where the requirements for design, durability and hygiene are strict. Our doors are common in medical fields and in environments that handle food in different ways. Durable materials and smart constructions also make them an excellent option in tough public environments such as schools, preschools, and swimming and sports facilities.

Further use cases

The characteristics of the fiberglass door make it an obvious choice for many cases.


We offer a wide and well thought-out range of standard doors for hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, and other environments where hygiene is extra important, as well as special versions for spaces with unique requirements such as surgical and X-ray environments.


Our catalogue includes doors for restaurants, kitchens, supermarkets, grocery stores and the food industry, as well as for other businesses that handle food in one way or another.

Public environments

The fiberglass door also makes a serious entrance into other public environments. Thermod offers stylish and functional interior doors for schools, sports facilities, swimming pools and associated wet areas as well as for other businesses with high demands on design, durability, and hygiene.

The design and low weight of the fiberglass door also make it a popular option in offices, for example.

The road to market

Thermod's doors are sold all over Scandinavia as well as in Poland, England, the Netherlands, and Estonia.

In Sweden, Norway, and Poland there is a sales/project organization that serves contractors and manufacturers of sandwich panels.

In other countries, our products are sold through retailers on site in each country.


Regulatory ranks – architects, consultants, and engineers – are extremely important partners in marketing our products.

We therefore offer assistance in designing/specifying suitable doors as well as guidance on material selection, locking systems, emergency evacuation and all necessary details for the desired functionality.

Under Professional Support with associated subpages, you will also find valuable before choosing a door.