Aluminum frames

Aluminum frames

Aluminum frames are our most affordable frame solution. Our self-designed frame profile is very strong and has great torsional rigidity. Because the frames are natural anodized, minor damage and scratches heal automatically. Used for everything from gyms and toilets to restaurants and industries.

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Long service life despite large amounts of wear and tear

Thermod's aluminum frame has a stability and wear resistance that is difficult to match. The profile design gives the frame high torsion stiffness and remarkable strength. The frames also have self-healing properties because they are always natural anodized. Together, this gives the aluminum frame an extraordinary lifespan.

Aluminum frames are suitable for all public and wet environments such as schools, toilets, changing rooms, gymnasiums, industries, restaurants, commercial kitchens, washrooms, and swimming facilities.

Custom design

Thermod's aluminum frame is made of extruded aluminum based on self-designed profiles. With 2 mm and 4 mm at exposed points, it has unbeatable torsion stiffness and strength.

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The design of the frames makes them hygienic and strong, but the design also allows for soft edges at the same time.

Delivered according to your wishes

The frames can be adapted to wall thicknesses up to 210 millimeters.

They are supplied lacquered or unpainted.

The frames are usually pre-assembled in a factory. This facilitates and makes assembly smoother and faster. The frames can also be delivered unassembled in parts if desired.

Easy to install

The aluminum frames come with two different installation systems.

When installing in a building wall, Leca, prefab, etc., the frames are already equipped with frame screws from the factory–Adjufix type – for quick and easy installation.

When installing in wall paneling/sandwich elements – in e.g., cold rooms – a panel mounting system is offered that involves installing the frame with screws from lining into the wall for a simple and safe installation.

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