Fire door EI(2)60

Fire door EI(2)60

A fire-tested, type-approved fibreglass door is now available. This door has been tested according to the new testing standard EN 1634-1 and is classed as EI260.

The door leaf has a surface of fibreglass-reinforced polyester with a 1-5 mm stainless steel frame. 
The result is a durable hygiene door that is easy to keep clean and that will not rust.

The door is tested with an automatic sealing threshold that folds down when the door is closed, which makes it easier to move trolleys and hospital beds between rooms. It can also be equipped with a vision panel that constitutes 15% of the surface of the door leaf. The fire door has also been tested with door closers.

Type-approval no. SC 1293-13

Also aviable in antibacterial version.


  • Dimensions M07-12 x M21
  • Stainless steel 1.5 mm (EN 1.4301).
  • Type A: Integrated architraves on both sides, 100-200 mm.
  • Other wall dimensions on request.
  • Type B: Trim on hinge side, frame depth 104 mm.


  • Hinge Simonswerk VN 3748/160, 3 pc.
  • Lock case ASSA 565


  • Door leaf thickness 66 mm.
  • Finish in fibreglass- reinforced polyester (standard colour RAL9010).
  • Edge profile in natural anodized aluminium.
  • Steel sheet core, Promatech H-board and Rockwool.


  • Can be painted in RAL colours.
  • Vision panel up to 15% of door leaf surface.
  • Vision panel max width 890mm.
  • Vision panel max height 400mm.
  • Door closer GEZE TS 4000.
  • ID Branddörr
    ID Fire door
  • RAL7005
    RAL 7005
  • RAL7016
    RAL 7016
  • RAL9035
    RAL 7035
  • RAL7038
    RAL 7038
  • RAL9002
    RAL 9002
  • RAL9010
    RAL 9010

  • RAL 9005

  • RAL 9003
  • Optional accordion to RAL
    Optional accordion to RAL
  • Kick plate  01
    Kick plate 01
  • Kick plate 02
    Kick plate 02
  • Kick plate 03
    Kick plate 03
  • Kick plate 04
    Kick plate 04
  • Kick plate 05
    Kick plate 05

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