Surgical and X-ray doors for MedicSolution Nordic AB

MedicSolution Nordic AB develops customized, prefabricated modules for hospitals and other care environments. Turnkey solutions for example, operating theaters, laboratories, sterile centers and imaging.

For almost fifty years, the company has been a leading provider of modular local solutions for customers worldwide. During the autumn of 2021, two business areas were sold to Keyplants AB. In connection with the transaction, the company name was changed from Swedish Modules in Emtunga AB to MedicSolution Nordic AB. With the deal, the company now only focuses on solutions for healthcare and research.

Prefabricated medical facilities

MedicSolutions' operations are based on developing, producing and assembling ready-made local modules for primarily healthcare, based on the customer's wishes.

Modular construction differs from site construction in several respects.

  • Durability - the modules can be moved, reused and renovated for new purposes and conditions
  • Short delivery time - up to 50% reduction compared to site-built
  • Minimal disruption - on existing operations and surroundings at the construction site
  • Risk minimization - the modules are built indoors in a controlled environment, which has a positive impact on both quality and planning
  • A delivery from MedicSolutions often includes complete units / departments in several floors. The modules can be independent or connected to existing buildings.

There are many examples of modular construction. Among the company's references are complete operating rooms, pathology departments and laboratories.

Fiberglass doors from Thermod is a good alternative

Several of MedicSolutions' modular solutions have fiberglass doors from Thermod. Common door options are hygienedoors and hermetic sliding and swing doors, but also specialdoors and windows for example X-ray environments.

From a modular perspective, Thermods doors have many advantages.

  • In terms of materials and design, Thermod's fiberglass doors have properties that simplify cleaning and that live up to the strict hygiene requirements in hygiene class 3.
  • Themod's manufacturing processes have a flexibility that enables almost unlimited adjustments of the door size to the module's requirements.
  • The doors have a stability and durability that allows them to be reused.

Modular operating rooms for Hudiksvall Hospital

The ongoing construction of the Operations Clinic at Hudiksvall Hospital is a current example of the use of fiberglass doors in modular construction.

The hospital's operating parts have been in operation for almost fifty years and are considered inadequate and outdated. Ahead of a more extensive rebuilding, the Hospital sees a need for temporary operating rooms that will ensure operation during the construction period.

MedicSolution has developed and produced a total of 18 modules that will be combined to form 6 complete operating rooms with associated anterooms and surrounding spaces. The modules will be built in the spring together with the existing hospital building and are expected to be fully operational during the summer.

For Thermod, the project involves the delivery of several hygienedoors but also of hermetic sliding doors and  sliding doors. To meet the requirements for X-ray protection in the operating rooms, X-ray doors and X-ray windows are supplied.

During a visit to the construction site, SVT describes the delivery and the first steps of the installation at Hudiksvall Hospital.

Watch the movie here

Published 6 Apr 2022