Campus Ås gives us the chance to show what we do best

State-owned Norwegian management company Stadsbygg's investment in the new Campus Ås has now been completed and the biomedical research centre Veterinaerinstituttet and the Norwegian Veterinaerhøgskolen have now moved in under the same roof.

The new center, located in Ås just south of Oslo, is a gigantic complex where eight buildings are linked together to a common building body of about 63,100 m2.

Thermod has contributed with technology and doors for a number of different applications. In total, up to 400 doors have been delivered in the categories:

• Hygiene doors
• Hygienic sound doors
• X-ray doors
• Hermetic sliding doors with sound attenuation

All doors have been supplied with stainless steel frame and replaceable sealing strip, specially designed for the project.

The Campus Ås project has been carried out in collaboration with Norlock.

Read more and watch the video about doors for medical environments.


Published 12 Apr 2021