Dan Wikström Lilliebjelke, new CEO for Thermod Group

You took over as CEO of Thermod in september, how do you feel about the first few months?

It has been busy, just as it should be in a new role. The first few months have been very much about getting into the role of CEO and getting to know the organization in Sweden and Poland. It has also been about understanding how the production works and how our development work is organized.

Much focus has been placed on getting to know our customers and not least my new colleagues. It has also been instructive to familiarize myself with the structure and values of our owner Lagercrantz. 

How do you feel the ecomomic situation in the construction sector has affected Thermod?

From an industry perspective, we notice that it has gone down. Many construction customers, especially those who build homes, schools and commercial buildings, are taking the consequences and reducing their staff.

On the other hand, we are pleased to see continued high pressure on projects in the healthcare sector, hospitals, healthcare facilities, laboratories and pharmaceutical industries. Here we rarely see a drop in demand. Our laws prescribe high standards and quality without compromise, even in times of economic downturn. Our healthcare system must continue to function, as was clearly demonstrated during the pandemic, for example.

At the moment we have a lot of projects started and enquiries coming in, so our production is running at high capacity. So, to answer your question, we are feeling the slowdown in the economy.

How does being CEO at Thermod differ from your previous jobs?

The biggest difference is probably travelling to the factory in Poland. Every three weeks, I spend a few days in Poznan to see the production process and the development of our products. Travelling can be challenging, but it's also stimulating and exciting to learn about a new organization, language and culture.

Otherwise, the job itself is very similar to previous CEO roles I've held, although in a partly new industry. I have worked in the construction sector for most of my professional life, but not with fibreglass doors. 

Where will Thermod be in three years?

We are more modern than ever and at the forefront of our industry. We have started major investments in safety, work environment, production and not least in the development of our products. We have also recently had our doors evaluated by Byggvarubedömningen with the highest rating "Recommended".

The investments we make help us become more efficient in our way of working and improve the working environment for our employees, while at the same time focusing on sustainable manufacturing and products. A good working environment with healthy employees goes hand in hand with efficient and sustainable production. The effects of our investments will thus lead to continued growth.

Published 5 Dec 2023

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