Experiences from the Corona pandemic give us lessons for the future

The corona pandemic has developed into a tragedy for people all over the world. The extent and rapid progress of the spread of infection have put extreme strains, not least on healthcare. The situation raises new issues, which we – helped by experiences from what we are now seeing – can benefit from in future healthcare initiatives. One of these questions is how we can ensure that the infection does not spread within the healthcare system's own facilities.

Quarantine-ready spaces in healthcare and care homes are a key issue to stop the spread of viruses between patients, but also between patients and staff. WHO and national entities, such as the Public Health Agency of Sweden, issue strong recommendations to develop environments that effectively separate carriers from other operations.

Care of patients with Covid-19 or other infectious diseases should take place behind closed doors in special infection rooms. The spread of infection during entry and exit shall be prevented through airlocks and anterooms and by means of door solutions where architects, ventilation consultants and door manufacturers together create environments where combinations of low pressure and high pressure stop viruses from being transmitted from sick to healthy patients.

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Published 3 Sep 2020