Fiberglass doors with matte surface layer

Fiberglass doors are a logical choice for environments with strict requirements for design, durability, and hygiene. We now supplement our catalogue with attractive doors with matte finishes in many colors. The matte surface gives an elegant impression in public environments and reduces the risk of scratches.

Laminate door has a given place in public environments where the requirements for durability, cleaning and hygiene are strict. Thermod therefore offers a wide range of functional interior and hygiene doors for schools, sports facilities, and swimming pools with adjacent wet areas. The design and low weight of the fiberglass door also make it a popular option in entrances, conference facilities and offices for example.

The laminate door leaf is made of fiberglass reinforced colored polyester with a shock resistant aluminum door leaf edge. The doors are offered in a wide range of colors, with stainless steel sheet or with patterned laminate.

Matte surface layer - an elegant option

To accommodate architectural requests, doors with matte finishes are now also offered. The matte surface gives an elegant impression without reflections and can be matched with other décor. At the same time, the risk of visible scratches is reduced, which in the long run also means improved service life.

The laminate in our doors is normally offered with a gloss unit of 75. In the matte version, the gloss unit is less than 25. Carpet laminate is offered in all standard colors' NCS S 0500-N, RAL 9010, 9002, 7035, 7038, 7005, 7016, and 9011.

Different laminates on the outside and inside of the door

Unique to Thermod's doors is the possibility to use one laminate on the outside of the door, another on the opposite side.

A shock and liquid resistant fiberglass laminate can be used on the side that is exposed to wet and tough wear while the other side is provided with a decorative Formica laminate.

Doors with matte laminate are already in stock and can be delivered at short notice. Curious and want to know more?

Jonas Green
Sales Manager
Phone: +46 70-650 00 09

Published 13 Nov 2020

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