Hermetic hinged doors - for demanding care environments

Hermetic doors are installed in environments with strict air tightness requirements such as hospitals, laboratories, animal hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry. Thermod's hermetic sliding doors are already a frequent feature of sterile environments in most healthcare sectors. With sales starting this autumn, hermetic hinged doors are now also introduced within classes 1-4.

Hermetic doors have a design that ensures sealing and the right air pressure around the door leaf, which is crucial in environments where it is important to maintain pressure or where virus and spread of infection must be prevented.

A hermetic hinged door has hinges evenly spaced for better pressure relief. The lower corner of the locking side is equipped with ASSA 1200 and hook 804 or equivalent for better tightness. The door can also be equipped with door closers at the top. For tighter fitting, the sealing strips of the hermetic door are more powerful than around ordinary doors. At the bottom of the door leaf there is an automatic sealing threshold.

For hermetic doors, electric strike plates are selected that can withstand high frame pressures and pressurized rooms. When using an electric strike plate, the door can also be equipped with automatic systems.

Our hermetic hinged doors are tested and approved in single door design, max 13M width, according to the hermetic ratings 1-4. Class 3 doors are offered with glazing, class 4 without glazing.

Like other Thermod hygiene doors, the hermetic hinged door is impact resistant and insensitive to wetness and repeated cleaning. It meets the hygiene classes of healthcare and is therefore an excellent option in sterile environments such as airlocks, laboratories, and test rooms. With lead inserts in frame and door leaf, the door can also be used in X-ray environments.

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Sales Manager
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Published 12 Nov 2020