Meet our new colleague, Weronica Johansson

Hello Weronica! Can you tell us about yourself and your background?

Absolutely! I live in Klässbol with my husband, our two children and our Spanish water dog. We are a very active family. My husband is a soccer coach while the children play football and floorball. I have discovered that running is the activity that suits me best.

My entire professional life has been in the hospitality industry, both as an entrepreneur and as an employee. Running my own business has given me valuable knowledge in financial areas such as accounting.

How did you get in touch with Thermod?

In September 2023 I was asked to support Thermod's finance department through my own company. I happily accepted the offer. The joy was even greater when I was offered a full-time position as an employee at Thermod in April. It felt fantastic!

Your role in finance, logistics and back office must involve varied tasks?

Definitely, yes. I'll be handling a lot of the day-to-day finances just as I have done since September last year. Logistics, on the other hand, is a new area for me, which is exciting. It includes booking transportation and ensuring that orders reach the customer. In back office, my tasks involve a bit of everything, you could say. For example, I will pack smaller orders and send spare parts from our warehouse in Klässbol.

Anything you are particularly looking forward to?

In general, I would say that I am looking forward to learning more about the business as a whole and my tasks in particular. I am always looking to learn new things and develop as a person. My perception so far is that Thermod is the right place to do just that!

Published 3 Jul 2024